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Headlight Restoration & Repair

Your vehicle's headlight lenses take a beating from the elements, which can cause dulling or cracks. Maintain your vehicle's safety and aesthetic appearance with the headlight restoration services from Glass Doctor® of College Station. Our glass specialists are familiar with the latest safety standards and the best techniques to restore all your auto glass.

Headlight Requirements in Texas

The Texas Department of Public Safety states that all headlamps or stop lamps must work well and emit an amber or red light through the lenses without the use of colored bulbs. Rear turn signals should emit a red color. Front turn signals should emit a white or amber color. If any of these lights do not meet the minimum legal requirements, you run the risk of being ticketed. Allow our team to restore your existing lights.

Picture of foggy headlights before and after

Headlight Restoration Services

As soon as you notice cracked or dulled headlight lenses, contact Glass Doctor of College Station. The sooner you fix the headlight, the better.

At Glass Doctor of College Station, our glass specialists provide the same level and quality of services and parts as traditional auto shops. We are able to use our restoration method on sedans, compact cars, trucks, SUVs, recreational vehicles and commercial trucks.

To restore old lenses Glass Doctor of College Station specialists use the Headlight Lens Restoration system to repair smaller cracks and chips from lenses. Our techniques restore the lens's strength and comply with transportation laws. Our restoration techniques also remove scratches, rough surfaces and dull yellowish films on covers to revive their brightness and clarity.

The Headlight Lens Restoration System techniques used at Glass Doctor of College Station are faster than other restoration techniques on the market. In addition to vehicle light covers, glass specialists can use the techniques on other types of glass and acrylic items, like those found on:

  • Motorcycle windshields and light cover
  • Windows and shields on boats and other types of watercraft
  • Aircraft windows and light covers
  • Aquariums
  • Outdoor windbreakers or partitions

Stop hoping that others on the road can see your vehicle and drive with confidence with the headlight restoration services from Glass Doctor of College Station. Contact us to learn more.