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College Station

Door Closer Repair Service

Give clients the best welcome with smooth-gliding entry doors. Glass Doctor® of College Station puts practicality into every first impression with durable manual door closers. Ensure complete safety and functionality with our manual door closer repair and maintenance services. Our experts know commercial doors.

How Door Closers Work

Allow customers and employees to easily open and close storefront and interior doors. Door closers cause users to feel slight resistance before sliding doors to a fully open position. When released, spring tension in a mechanical arm gently closes doors inside the frame.

Professional Door Closer Repair

Incorrect door closer types:Secure doors with the appropriate door closer types. For example, heavy commercial doors require stronger door closers with sizable springs. Doors with incorrect door closer types may lead to misalignment, posing an immediate safety risk to users.

Improperly installed and adjusted closers:Gain the right tools and guaranteed door closer installation with Glass Doctor of College Station. Our specialists maintain door closers, increasing door functionality and extending your investment. Expect our experienced specialists to perform vital spring adjustment, preventing:

  • Low oil levels
  • Abnormal door movements
  • Doorframe damage
  • Misalignments
  • Seal repairs

Difficult to lock doors: Our experts inspect doors difficult to lock for potential security risks. Contact our team immediately if you notice doorframe or locking mechanism damage.

Superior Door Closer Maintenance

Never perform unqualified restorations on damaged door closers. When you attempt repairs on your own, you may void the door warranty. Instead, contact our specialists for professional door closer maintenance. We provide comprehensive door closer care, including hinge, threshold and hardware repair.

Contact Glass Doctor of College Station to install commercial door closers in your facility or learn more about our cost-effective door closer repair. We'll schedule an onsite consultation to discuss and assess your location needs.