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Clear Choice Protectant


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Your home faces environmental pollutants and regular wear and tear on a daily basis. Nothing is more effective in protecting the value of your home than taking a proactive stance against these damaging elements. Clear Choice™ is a glass treatment Glass Doctor® of Clinton Township, MI, uses to protect your windshield, but it is also used to shield many surfaces in your home from potential damage. Countertops, sinks, toilets, windows and glass shower doors will all benefit from an application of Clear Choice. You’ll also find that Clear Choice protectant reduces the amount of work it takes to clean.

How Clear Choice Works

Clear Choice protectant works in a couple ways. It creates a barrier between the surface it’s applied to and damaging factors. It also acts as a repellent. Hard water and oils won't be able to stain you surfaces.

Protect Your Investments

Protect glass, granite, tile, porcelain and other silica-based materials in the bath, kitchen and living areas around the house with a professional application of Clear Choice. During a scheduled appointment our experts will add the high-tech shield that lasts up to five years. It works against scratches and stains caused by hard water, as well as mineral deposits, environmental pollutants and typical weathering. It also makes surfaces easier to clean with its smooth, repellent finish.

Benefits of Clear Choice Protectant

Savvy homeowners know Clear Choice has numerous benefits. Clear Choice has a proven formula that allows less frequent cleanings, reduces the amount of mold and bacteria, lets surfaces resist stains, scratches and impact and provides a glossier finish. Even better, Clear Choice is environmentally friendly, making it a good choice for eco-conscious consumers.

If you’re ready to add protection and luster to your home and make cleaning easier and less time-consuming, contact Glass Doctor of Clinton Township, MI, today to make your appointment.