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Clear Choice Protectant

Untreated glass and other surfaces in your home offer the perfect environment for the amalgamation of soap scum and mineral deposits. Over time, this unwanted residue makes it more difficult to clean the surface, and may lead to unsightly discoloration. The surfaces of glass shower doors and tub enclosures also have tendency for amassing mineral deposits from water, soap, shampoo, toxic cleaners, and other chemicals. Glass Doctor of Chattanooga® offers Clear Choice™ to eliminate these issues. This ultra-thin transparent glass coating that is designed to make every surface in your bathroom water- and oil-repellant. Our specialists can apply Clear Choice to windows, countertops, sinks, toilets, and other objects to give almost every surface in your home another layer of protection.

Protect Your Investment

Hard water stains are sometimes called lime scale. This tiny, chalky, white mineral deposits results from the buildup of alkaline in hard water. The stains that appear on glass, tile, granite and many other materials in your home, causes wear and tear on the surface and destroys the beauty of the finish. The experts at Glass Doctor of Chattanooga have the skills to apply the Clear Choice glass treatment to maintain and protect the surfaces in your home.

With a single application, this patented product can make glass and other surfaces, scratch, stain and water-resistant for up to five years. Clear Choice leaves a super-smooth barrier that stands up to a number of unwanted conditions, including:

  • Hard water
  • Mineral deposits
  • Weathering
  • Other environmental pollutants

Allow our glass treatment experts to apply this state-of-the-art protective shield to new or existing surfaces and make the upkeep of your home easier.

The Benefits of Clear Choice

The clear choice formula provides much-needed glass treatment for objects and the interior home. The glass treatment also preserves patio glass tops, specialty accessories and other surfaces on the exterior of your house. This innovative glass care solution provides homeowners several advantages, such as:

  • Creates oil and water-repellant surfaces on glass and other items
  • Minimizes hard water stains
  • Impedes hard water etching
  • Minimizes soap scum
  • Reduces mold and fungi
  • Reduces cleaning requirements
  • Creates glossier surfaces

Many homeowners have grown to appreciate the ability of Clear Choice to help maintain, restore and protect a wide array of surfaces in their homes. This glass treatment provides a solid solution to keeping your bathroom and other spaces sparkling and attractive. Our glass treatment experts stand ready to provide you Clear Choice and other glass repair and replacement services for your home. Call the Glass Doctor of Chattanooga team at 866-318-9304 to schedule a free in-home consultation today!