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Storefront Doors

A business storefront draws customers to your shop, showcases your goods and supplies your building with natural light. The benefits of storefront glass become moot if you need glass repair. Boarded up doors and windows turn customers away and broken glass becomes a safety hazard for staff and customers. Any easily accessible, weak point in your building act as an entry point for criminals and pests.

Time is of the essence in commercial glass repair. The Glass Doctor® of Charleston, SC, team understand every minute your doors are closed while you wait for repairs costs you business. We strive to provide priority service for our commercial clients, in addition to our custom glass services.

Storefront Services

Your one chance to make a first impression with a customer is when they see your business's storefront for the first time. You want to dazzle them with a clear pane of glass that draws them into your store, and makes them feel at home.

At Glass Doctor of Charleston, SC, we provide custom designed business storefronts. Our team of experts will guide you through all of your available design options, and can demonstrate our custom imprinting of your business specific information, including logo, hours and contact information.

Site Security

After you've chosen a design, our team will supply you with an array of safety options that will protect your people and property. Our bulletproof glass will keep staff and products safe all hours of the day. Fire-resistant and hurricane rated glass prevents the spread of damage in an emergency.

We can add an extra layer of security for your storefront windows with the installation of safety glass film. The film keeps broken glass from shattering when it hits the floor, eliminating one of the most common causes of glass related injury. The film increases the integrity of the glass, allowing it to withstand more extreme weather than traditional window glass.

Priority Commercial Service

No one expects glass to break when they open their shop, but emergencies happen. The Glass Doctor of Charleston, SC, will respond to your request for commercial glass repair 24/7. Our mobile units are equipped to handle most calls in a single trip, which means very little downtime for your business. In the event we need to order specialty glass for your site, we will board up the windows with fresh pieces of plywood. Before scheduling your follow-up visit we clean up the broken glass.

You can't afford to waste time with poor commercial glass repair. Contact our team today, to learn more about our company. We want to build a long-term relationship with your business.