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Door Closers

Your front door is the first piece of your business customers see and touch when they walk into your building. If the springs and other components in your door closer aren't in good condition, their first impressions of your brand will be an unsafe, hard-to-use and poorly maintained. Glass Doctor® of Charleston, SC, holds the solution to your dilemma. We also make sure your commercial doors glide open easily for every customer and shut softly behind them.

How Door Closer Hardware Works

A manual closer is a simple mechanism designed to push or pull a door into place. If your door closers work correctly, your customers and employees will only have to open the doors slightly before the closers kick in, gradually pushing the doors open the rest of the way. They also push or pull doors back into their frames, using springs and a mechanical arm to prevent the door from slamming shut.

Repair Services

Of course, if your springs aren't strong enough to support your door or if the closer was installed incorrectly, your doors may randomly slam shut or fly wide open, increasing the risk of injury and property damage. They may also be more difficult to open and close, especially if there are alignment issues.

The talented Glass Doctor of Charleston, SC, team repairs the hardware that supports your commercial glass doors. We start by diagnosing the source of the damage, which is usually one of these problems:

  • Hard to lock: Locking difficulties aren't merely security issues, a misaligned or damaged lock will cause damage to your doorframe and locking mechanism.
  • Sudden movements: If your door swings or slams instead of gently gliding, the mechanism or springs may not be heavy duty enough for the door.
  • Oil leaks: Your closer contains screws, rings and seals that must be lubricated to work properly, and oil leaks may point to bigger mechanical problems.
  • Door frame damage: If your door closer scrapes against the door frame, it may need to be uninstalled and realigned to follow your door frame more precisely.

Whether we need a replacement with a different type or to top off the oil, we will pay attention to every detail and treat your property like our own.

Door Closer Care

After your repair, schedule regular maintenance to make sure your doors stay functional and safe. We will keep your door closer components in working condition. Our specialists are trained to repair and maintain your other door components, from the threshold that supports it to the custom door glass that fits inside it. Contact Glass Doctor of Charleston, SC to schedule a consultation or learn more about our door closer repair services today.