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Glass Surface Protectant

The glass surface protectant Clear Choice glass treatment is a simple, effective way to protect every surface in your home. Most people add Clear Choice to their windshields, but our product works equally well indoors. It's also a great option for toilets, sinks, windows and countertops. Typically keeping common household surfaces clear requires hours of scrubbing with harsh chemicals. Clear Choices eliminates this hassle and hard work. The application of this glass surface protectant makes surfaces more water and oil repellent, so less substances stick on the surfaces. The barrier results in significantly less soap scum, hard water stains and other waste products, making cleaning much easier.

Protect Your Investment

Remodeling a bathroom or kitchen is a major investment. When you've picked out beautiful, expensive tile or granite, you want it to remain in top condition for years to come. A single Clear Choice application with a professional Glass Doctor of Charleston, SC,® representative offers the protection you need. The ultra smooth barrier forms on silica-based surfaces and lasts up to five years, protecting your valuable surfaces against mineral deposits, hard water, weathering and environmental pollutants.

Benefits of Clear Choice

Clear Choice application is key for restoring, maintaining and protecting a wide variety of bathroom and kitchen surfaces. When your surfaces repel water and oil using this glass surface protectant, you reap the following benefits:

  • Reduced mold and fungal growth
  • Less frequent cleaning
  • High resistance to staining, scratching and other impact
  • Shinier surfaces
  • Hard water etching prevention
  • Better for the environment

Clear Choice glass treatment restores your existing surfaces to their original condition and protects brand new fixtures. Glass Doctor of Charleston, SC, offers Clear Choice glass treatment and other glass services to the greater Charleston area including North Charleston and Ladson. To learn more about Clear Choice or to schedule your complementary in-home consultation, fill out our online request form or give us a call.