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Door Closer Repair Service

When customers enter your establishment, you don't want them greeted with a door that is difficult to open or that slams behind them before they are barely through the entryway. Let Glass Doctor® of East Central Illinois give your customers a great first impression with a door which works properly. We offer manual door closer care and repair services, enabling your guests and employees to use your entryway safely and comfortably.

Door Closer Repair

When a door closer is working properly, the door will offer a bit of resistance as it is pushed or pulled so it does not open too quickly or slam shut. Then, when the user releases the door, a spring in the closer's mechanism will slowly bring the door to a close in a controlled manner.

If the door is too heavy for the spring, it could cause the door to be too difficult to open, close unexpectedly on small children, or deter customers from entry. If the wrong type of closer is installed, it also poses safety issues for those entering and exiting the building. A misaligned door or damaged frame will weaken a door and may not lock.

Glass Doctor of East Central Illinois specialists are trained in door closer repair and will restore every portal to safety.

Door Closer Care

The best way to prevent problems with your entryway is to keep your closers maintained properly. Regular door closer care from Glass Doctor of East Central Illinois includes maintenance of seals and gaskets, proper oil levels, and alignment checks. Ensuring these pieces are properly cared for makes every door operable.

Most new doors and closers come with a warranty from the manufacturer, which will be voided if they are repaired by anyone other than a trained professional. Count on the experts at Glass Doctor of East Central Illinois to repair and replace your doors' closer, hinges, thresholds and other hardware so your warranties remain in place.

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To learn more about how Glass Doctor of East Central Illinois will perform regular door closer care, or make adjustments and repairs to your door closer, call or schedule an appointment online today!