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Custom Mirrors

Adding beauty and value to your home's interior is made much easier with the inclusion of custom mirrors. By reflecting natural light and room features, a mirror adds a dramatic dimension to any room. Living spaces seem larger and cozier with the right mirror on the wall. Any visitors to your home will appreciate the effects of these beautiful accent pieces.

With our team of professional specialists, Glass Doctor® of East Central Illinois in Charleston, IL will provide solutions to your home design requirements. We will enable you to accentuate your decor by designing and installing custom mirrors and glass surfaces that will suit your style and budget.

Make Your Rooms Appear Larger

The reflective surface of a mirror can make your rooms appear larger by adding the illusion of more space. Adding a tile frame to a mirror can accent your piece as a focal point on its own.

With our in-home consultation services, Glass Doctor of East Central Illinois will identify the spaces in your home that would best benefit from the addition of a mirror - and then design one that will suit perfectly. Some common locations are:

Wall - A simple wall mirror has a two-fold purpose: as wall art and as a tool to create effects of depth and light in your room.

Backsplash - A mirrored backsplash in a kitchen or bathroom is the ideal solution for a modern flair.

Statement Mirrors - Adding mirrors around a headboard, dresser, fireplace mantel, or bookshelf will offer a distinctive statement to any household.

Showcase Home Decor & Art

Home decor and art are often lost amid the more functional demands of furniture and other accent pieces. Proudly display your decor with custom mirrors that provide a 360º view of any piece. Mirrored shelves are another great way to display knick-knacks, collector's items, and more.

Natural Light

Natural light includes a health benefit as well as aesthetic appeal. In dark corners or nooks, utilizing a mirror in a bedroom is a wonderful means of bringing in natural light. Adding a mirror in a hallway can stretch the light to illuminate an otherwise narrow and cramped space.

Do you have a room without windows? A strategically placed mirror can gently reflect the light of a table lamp or overhead light to brighten up a room.

Impressive Options

Glance at your outfit and overall appearance before stepping out of doors with head to toe mirrors. These mirrors can be sized to fit neatly into a bedroom closet, front entryway, or bathroom for optimal functionality.

The larger floor-to-ceiling mirrors are incredibly impressive and relatively simple to design and install. These mirrors are perfect for a breakfast room, hallway, or modern-styled room that demands a dramatic accent piece.

Custom Mirrors for Your Home

Contact Glass Doctor of East Central Illinois to take the next step in turning your home into a beautiful place to visit with loved ones. Our great team will provide consultation services and straightforward direction from start to finish to ensure that your custom mirrors and glass solutions are met with 100% satisfaction.