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Custom Cut Glass

Glass transforms any room in your home, creating the illusion of depth and adding modern style to your space. At Glass Doctor® of East Central Illinois in Charleston, IL, we take pride in bringing your unique decor vision to life. Our custom mirrors capture and reflect light and open up small spaces. Our glass table tops and home decor touches create a sense of airiness in the room, turning even the smallest area into an elegant showpiece.

Glass Doctor of [franchis:location-name] offers Charleston, IL area residents custom glass options you need to achieve the look you desire. We install glass inserts to create stylish patio doors, entranceways and French doors that invite daylight into your home. Invest in low-emissivity (Low-E) glass to protect your home decor and furnishings from sun damage. We work with you to find the right custom options for your home.

Glass Table Tops and Shelves

Customized glass table tops add a touch of elegance to new or existing furniture. Our customization process leaves nothing to chance. A specialist visits your Charleston home to discuss glass shape, edgework detail, color, thickness, and safety issues related to heavy glass table tops. Once these details are decided, we custom cut your glass and complete the piece with the custom finished edge of your choice.

We offer the tempered and laminated safety glass options crucial to protecting your family. Tempered glass is stronger than standard glass. If broken, it forms small pieces instead of dangerous shards, reducing the chances of being cut significantly. Laminated glass is fused with a polyvinyl butyrate (PVB) layer. Broken pieces stick to the PVB layer instead of creating a hazard for your family. Laminated and tempered glass can be tinted.

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and enhance your home with the illusion of space. Glass Doctor of East Central Illinois makes it possible with personal, in-home attention and a wide range of custom mirrored products and services.

  • A wall of mirrors
  • Custom cut frames
  • Hanging vanity mirrors
  • Standard and custom cut bathroom mirrors
  • Mirrored shelves
  • Full-length closet mirrors

Our specialists help you choose the right mirrored-accents for your Charleston, IL home. We present a wide range of custom options and we cut your mirrors to your specifications.

custom mirror

Patio, Entryway and French Doors

Glass Doctor of East Central Illinois specialists can redesign your patio, entryway and French doors to enhance the beauty and safety of your home. We replace broken door glass with tempered glass, a safer, stronger option. Choose to coordinate your entryway design by adding side windows to match your front door glass. Plus, we work with a number of manufacturers to guarantee a variety of door glass options for our customers, including:

  • Interior sliding blinds
  • Designer door glass with matching side window panes
  • Energy-efficient glass
  • Safety glass

Low-E Glass Windows

Our Low-E replacement glass protects your interior decor from sun damage. A thin metallic coating lets sunlight in, yet reduces glare, keeps heat out and provides resistance to harmful ultraviolet light. Because Low-E windows help control the climate in your home, they offer the added benefit of reduced energy costs.

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Glass Doctor of East Central Illinois is ready to enhance your Charleston home with custom glass decor. Call us at 855-971-6139 or fill out our online form to schedule an in-home appointment or for more information.