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Clear Choice Protectant

Glass adds decorative and functional accents throughout your entire home. It gives your bath and kitchen a contemporary look. You rely on glass to beautify and protect your tables, desks and antique furniture. Don't take your glass for granted; protect each pane with Clear Choice glass treatment, exclusively available from Glass Doctor® of East Central Illinois. Our Clear Choice treatment will enhance and maintain the elegant style you've so carefully crafted throughout your home.

A single Clear Choice application beautifies, smoothes and shields your glass, mirrors, granite, and other silica-based surfaces. It also reduces your workload because you spend less time cleaning away recurrent hard water deposits, soap scum and other contaminants.

Protect Your Investment

It takes a lot of time, effort and money to give your home an appearance that reflects your style. Glass, mirrors, granite, and porcelain decor are the perfect details to bring your creative ideas life, but it takes work to keep them looking good. A single application of Clear Choice glass treatment makes it easier to protect your investment and reduce your preservation efforts. It shields your surfaces and minimizes maintenance problems for up to five years.

When professionally applied, this patented treatment makes your surfaces scratch, stain and water resistant while also decreasing problems caused by a wide range of natural contaminants, including:

  • Hard water buildup
  • Mineral deposits
  • Pollutants
  • Weathering

Benefits of Clear Choice

Clear Choice is an environmentally friendly glass treatment which restores, maintains and protects surfaces in every room of your home. It allows bathroom mirrors, shower doors and tub enclosures to retain a smooth, glossy look. It enhances the glass tabletops that protect your fine wood surfaces and adds functionality to kitchen counters and backsplashes. Clear Choice is a simple solution with multiple benefits. You will notice:

  • Glossier surfaces
  • Reduced mold and bacteria
  • Stain, scratch, and impact protection
  • A barrier to hard water etching

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The specialists at Glass Doctor of East Central Illinois want to give your beautiful surfaces the benefit of a Clear Choice protective shield. Visit our appointment page to schedule a free in-home consultation or call us at 855-971-6139 for more information.