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Auto Glass Care

Another rumbling, dirt-and-rock-filled dump truck is ahead of you on the freeway. Before you can make the decision whether to speed up and pass or decrease your speed and increase your distance, it happens again: A rock hits your windshield; safety glass minimizes damage, but there’s still a bad crack in the glass. The number one rule of windshield care is: don't ignore it.

Windshield Care

In the state of Illinois, any size crack in your windshield is grounds for a traffic citation. Simply put, it is illegal to operate your vehicle with a cracked windshield in Charleston.

If the chip is bigger than a quarter or the crack is longer than three inches, the safety of your windshield has been compromised. Windshield repair is a complex process; rather than attempting a DIY repair, call Glass Doctor®of East Central Illinois immediately, any time, 24/7.

Your windshield is responsible for 45% of your front-end protection in a collision and 60% in a rollover accident. For auto glass repair or replacement, don’t call a mechanic, a buddy or anyone who is not an Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) member.

Auto Glass Replacement

We always follow AGSC standards, so you can count on our auto glasswork’s durability and safety. We will also work on some types of RVs and buses. When faced with emergency glass repair or severe weather preparation, fleet companies especially appreciate our speedy turnaround time.

Glass Doctor of East Central Illinois is locally owned and provides glass solutions to businesses, homeowners and drivers in Charleston, Champaign, West Terre Haute and surrounding areas.

Glass Doctor of East Central Illinois repairs and replaces your auto’s:

  • Mirrors
  • Door windows
  • Windshields

We will work with your insurance company and file the necessary paperwork, so your out-of-pocket may be nothing. We've trained in auto glass industry best practices and understand that your car’s auto glass may have temperature gauges, humidity detector, rain sensors and antenna receptors. We keep these features intact, and when we replace your glass, we promise a quality repair every time, no matter how the make or model of your vehicle.

Auto Glass Protection

The glass for your windshield has been installed with your safety in mind. If your windshield is damaged within 12 months of the replacement date from typical road hazards we repair or replace the windshield glass for free. Add a treatment of Clear Choice™ to your service package to experience the ultimate in clear driving. Your windshield will resist sleet and snow buildup and protect your purchase.

Call 855-971-6139 or contact us with questions. We’re conveniently located on Madison Avenue in Charleston, IL. Don’t forget to ask about our G12® Windshield Guarantee!