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G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

As a Brady, TX driver, passenger safety is paramount. Glass Doctor® of Central TX understands your priorities, so we only use established industry practices and adhere to national standards when completing any work on your vehicle. Your windshield accounts for the majority of your vehicle's structural integrity in the event of a crash, and our glass experts are dedicated to protecting your safety. We are committed to delivering quality work and offer a free windshield replacement guarantee to all of our customers to ensure your new windshield remains pristine. We offer additional windshield replacement guarantee premiums at an additional, affordable cost based on your particular preferences.

Windshield Replacement Guarantee Plans

G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

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This is our standard guarantee; it is available to any Brady, TX customer who elects to have our team perform your windshield replacement. It provides coverage for an unlimited number of repairs or one single replacement within one year from the date of your windshield replacement service. The plan covers the cost of glass and excludes costs for labor and other materials. Because repairing your windshield is in your economic interest, our glass specialists will choose repair service when it is appropriate. If your safety is in questions, we will perform the replacement service.

G12 Future Installation Option

This option includes everything that comes with our basic guarantee. However, it also includes the cost of installation materials and labor. If you require a replacement service within the year period, it will be totally covered.

G12 Value Package

Our premium windshield replacement guarantee program includes the perks of lower tier guarantees, plus an application of our glass protectant and windshield wiper blades. Our glass treatment helps you safeguard your investment in your new windshield through its scratch-resistant special formula. This also helps you maintain the clarity of your glass through any type of weather, further protecting the safety of you and your passengers.

Guidelines for Coverage

Our guarantee options offer a unique set of advantages and features, however, there are certain similarities for all of the programs. All of the windshield replacement guarantees provide coverage for your windshield for up to 12 months; any replacement claims will void the remainder of the guarantee. The coverage is limited to damage caused by normal road hazards. Damage due to accidents, acts of God, vandalism or fraud are excluded from coverage. Our windshield replacement guarantee programs are only available for passenger vehicles, so commercial vehicles are excluded from coverage.

In order to activate your coverage, you must report the claim to the original Glass Doctor facility you had your windshield installed.

If you would like more information about any of our windshield replacement programs, contact a glass specialist at Glass Doctor of Central TX today.

Some exclusions may apply.