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Auto Glass & Windshield Care

When you're driving a clear view of the road ahead is mandatory. Your safety depends on the quality and clarity of your auto glass and mirrors, so if they're chipped, cracked, or cloudy, call Glass Doctor® of Central Houston immediately. We specialize in auto glass repair and replacement services for vehicles of every make and model.

Auto Glass Care

Windshield damage is an urgent problem, no matter how minimal it appears. Imperfections may or may not block your view, but they always weaken your vehicle's structural integrity. If you wait to get your windshield fixed, your risks and costs will only increase. At best, the damage will become irreparable when cracks spread or chips fill with dirt. At worse, your whole windshield will shatter and fail to protect you during a head-on or rollover accident.

Act fast, and we will too. It usually takes us about an hour to repair chipped or cracked windshields. We use high-grade sealants and fillers to make sure your view stays spotless, and we'll even take care of the insurance claims for you.

If the damage is too close to your line of sight or too extensive to fix with filler, we'll install a replacement windshield that meets all Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS®). Your new windshield will have the same dimensions and features as your factory-issued original, including sensors, gauges, or antennas.

Your replacement windshield will be protected for the next year by our complimentary Windshield Protection Plan. This entitles you to free repair or a single replacement, in the event of damage caused by ordinary road conditions.

If you want a little extra protection, you may pay extra for the comprehensive Future Installation Plan. It includes labor costs, replacement wipers and one application of Clear Choice™ Protectant. This patented product repels water, pollutants, and mineral deposits for up to five years, so your investment will pay off even if you don't need any repairs or replacements.

Tempered Auto Glass Replacement

Our expertise isn't limited to laminated windshields. We also replace tempered glass windows, which are designed to break on impact without sending sharp shards all over your car. Because of their safety-conscious construction, these windows must be replaced completely.

Our tempered glass replacement services cover auto glass of all shapes and sizes, including side and rear windows, sunroofs, and quarter glass windows. We'll safely remove the broken pieces and install a new window that's tempered and identical to your original product.

Stay safe behind the wheel, and keep your fellow drivers safe too. If your windows or windshield are damaged, take advantage of our comprehensive, affordable and prompt services. Call us at (832) 680-4141 today to schedule an appointment today.