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Windshield Repair and Replacement

Windshield damage is unexpected and, frankly, annoying. When it happens to you, the single best action you can take is contacting Glass Doctor® of Casper. Whether your windshield has a small chip or a massive crack, we will resolve the matter and restore your windshield to its previous, unblemished state.

windsheild repair

Determining your Windshield Service

When you bring your vehicle to Glass Doctor in Casper our first response is to determine whether your vehicle needs windshield replacement or repair. We check the severity, location and age of the damage to determine which service to perform.

  • Severity of damage: If your windshield has a crack that extends more than three inches or a chip that measures more than 3/8 of an inch, we will have to replace your windshield in order for your car to maintain its shape in an accident.
  • Location of the damage: If the damage has spread to the outer edge of your windshield or in a crucial visual area we recommend windshield replacement service.
  • Age of damage: The sooner you bring your damaged windshield to Glass Doctor of Casper, the better the odds that we will be able to repair the damage instead of replacing your entire windshield. Acting immediately after the damage has occurred ensures dirt doesn't have an opportunity to build up in the damaged area.

Glass Doctor of Casper has developed a good relationship with the major auto insurance companies across the nation, which makes it possible for us to work closely with your insurance agent. We file your claim, saving you the time and aggravation of having to deal with extra paperwork.

When your windshield sustains damage, you shouldn't continue driving around with a crack or chip. Doing so increases the chances of you getting injured in an accident. As soon as something damages your windshield, contact Glass Doctor of Casper and schedule a windshield replacement appointment. You will find that our team of auto glass specialist are friendly, knowledgeable and have the experience to quickly and safely handle the replacement!

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