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Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Unlike your living room and bedroom, simply adding furniture will not enhance the style or comfort of your bathroom. Improving a bathroom begins with adding the right fixtures. The best place to begin is a beautiful glass shower or tub enclosure, which will anchor your new design. Glass Doctor® of Casper has a myriad of options from which homeowners can choose their new shower design. Our team of glass specialists walks with you through the entire process, from deciding on a budget to maintaining your new enclosure. First, though, we ensure that your new glass shower enclosure will be installed properly by considering the following factors:

  • Bathroom Configuration: Your bathroom walls' composition and where your support beams stand determine how much glass can be safely installed. We assess the composition of your bathroom's walls and the underlying structure to determine its load bearing capabilities beforehand.
  • Shower Head Design: Your shower head choice affects the direction in which your water is sprayed out; if you make the wrong shower head choice, then water will spray out of your enclosure and into your bathroom every time your shower is on. To help you avoid this, we will determine whether or not your current shower head will work, as well as connect you with alternative shower heads that will work perfectly with your glass shower enclosure choice.
  • Bathroom Measurements: To streamline the installation process, we take exact measurements. We know your new glass enclosure will fit before we even begin to install it.
  • Ventilation: Poor ventilation in a bathroom will cause mold buildup and water damage throughout the room. A bad glass enclosure installation can cause ventilation blockage, so we assess your ventilation situation beforehand. We can also upgrade the ventilation in a fully tiled enclosure with a steam room kit.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

After we have taken care of the initial logistics, our shower design experts will help you create an enclosure design that perfectly suits your needs. Galvanize your imagination with resources in our Shower Idea Center.

  • Shower Door Gallery: Like every other area in your house, the glass can make or break the aesthetic appeal of your shower or tub enclosure. That is why we connect you with a selection of more than 30 of the best shower doors on the market.
  • Shower Door Accessories: You don't have to settle for plain glass for your glass shower enclosure. Checkout our unique glass accents to make your enclosure truly yours.
  • Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Expand upon your new design with ideas for adding, framing, embellishing and painting your shower enclosure.
  • Vendors: In order to ensure the aesthetic quality and durability of your glass product, we only select the best glass vendors in the area.
  • Clear Choice Protectant: To sustain the beauty of your enclosure, we have a specially made glass protectant that repels contaminants and makes cleaning your enclosure a breeze.
  • Consultation: The most important step in the shower installation process is setting a date for your free in-home consultation. This way, you can connect with a professional to make sure that your design comes together.
  • Ordering and Installation: The Glass Doctor of Casper enclosure order and installation process is quick and easy. Your enclosure is custom built and shipped within 10-15 business days, and is installed in less than a day.

Start your bathroom renovation today! Make an appointment with the Glass Doctor of Casper team for your free in-home consultation!