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Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Glass Doctor® of Casper specialists are experts in the field of design and installation when it comes to providing glass solutions that add new life to your existing home.

Glass Tabletops

Our specialists can create beautiful glass tabletops with a variety of thicknesses and finished edges to bring old furniture back to life. Glass tabletops are the perfect way to save important photos and mementos in a display that not only look great, but also bring a smile to your face every time you see it.

With the wide variety of shapes and sizes of glass tabletops available, it’s easy to make an assortment of products. We offer glass tabletops for inside and outdoor festivities. Apply a coat of our Clear Choice™ protectant to create a scratch-free surface that is easy to clean and maintain.  

Glass Safety

Although glass tabletops are a beautiful design feature, you need to keep safety in mind, especially if you have small children. Glass Doctor of Casper can advise you on the proper weight for your new glass tabletop, as well as if tempered or laminated glass is a proper solution for your particular needs.

When regular glass breaks, it creates sharp shards that can cause injury to people or pets. Tempered and laminated glass is much harder to break and, if it does, won’t create the same type of dangerous pieces as normal glass.

Tinted glass is often advised if your table is in a spot where it gets direct sunlight. The tint will help filter out the harmful ultraviolet sunrays, protecting your carpet, furniture and other home decor. 

Graphic of different glass edges

Custom Shelving Offers Modern Storage Solution

Store-bought bookcases and shelving units are often cumbersome and infringe on available space. Glass Doctor of Casper can create a one-of-a-kind custom glass shelving solution that not only offers plenty of storage, but also provides a light and airy modern look to your home or office. Our specialists have plenty of experience in designing a glass shelving solution with the proper configuration to provide maximum functionality without wasting space.

For more information about our glass tabletops and custom shelving, call Glass Doctor of Casper, or schedule a free in-home consultation online

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