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Double Pane Windows

Your windows are the most vulnerable part of your home's defense against outside temperatures. Moisture in your windows' glass lends itself to heat transfer, making it easier for the outside elements to spill into your home. Without properly insulated windows, it will be more expensive and more difficult to heat your house in the winter and cool it in the summer, and your ecological footprint will increase.

Poorly insulated windows also fail to keep sound out of your home, exposing you to loud noises at all hours. To guard against environmental, financial and sonic nuisances, consider buying a set of double pane windows from Glass Doctor® of Casper. Made from insulated glass, double pane windows keep all manner of disturbances out of your home. Our team offers a wide range of insulated glass products, as well as quality double pane window replacement services if your windows become damaged.

Insulated Glass Benefits

double pane window

Insulated glass windows are designed to keep moisture out of your windows, making it more difficult for heat to move into or out of your home. They consist of at least two glass panes separated by a spacer, which is made from water absorbing materials, or desiccants. The spacer dries up any water that enters your windows, instantly removing the main source of heat transfer.

In addition to the spacer, many double pane window units contain krypton or argon gas within the space between the two panes; the gas further reduces moisture and heat transfer. It is also common for a sealant to be placed around the edge of the window to prevent outside air or moisture from entering in the first place. If you desire even more protection from outside temperatures, you can purchase triple pane windows, which contain three glass panes and two absorbent spacers.

Besides protecting your house from outside temperatures, insulated glass is also one of the most effective ways of soundproofing your home. Typically, the only way to soundproof windows is to make them very thick, but such windows are expensive, heavy and dangerous. By contrast, double pane windows keep sound out without additional thickness. The spacers between the panes are designed to reflect external sound back toward the source, making it more difficult for it to enter your home. For further protection, you can order window panes made from acoustic glass, which will reflect sound away before it even reaches the spacer.

Double Pane Window Replacement

As effective as double pane windows are at protecting your home, they aren't invincible. Debris, severe wind and general wear and tear can slowly break the seal, leaving your house vulnerable to outside temperatures and noise again. Glass Doctor of Casper has the tools and expertise to quickly restore your windows to mint condition at a minimal cost. If you notice fogginess or condensation in your windows, the seal has probably failed; call Glass Doctor of Casper to have it fixed. We're available at all times and in all conditions.

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