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Double Pane Windows


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Your windows can be a potential weak link in your well-sealed home envelope. Even if your home has insulated windows, you may need double pane window replacement to keep outdoor temperatures and exterior noise from affecting your living environment. Glass Doctor® of Carmi, IL an help you cost-effectively solve this common problem, increasing your home comfort and decreasing your energy bills with expert window replacement. Double pane windows, also known as insulated glass units (IGUs), provide an excellent solution to preserve your home’s energy efficiency and peaceful, quiet atmosphere, provided the windows are properly sealed. If your IGUs take on a cloudy, misty or milky look, you may have broken seals ruining the effectiveness of your windows.

Advantages of Double Pane Windows for Carmi-Area Homeowners

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Limit heat transmission: To maximize your home comfort while minimizing energy bills, IGUs are designed to limit heat transfer through the windows. This means your conditioned indoor air stays inside the home and extreme temperatures stay outdoors. When outdoor air is prevented from affecting the temperature of your home, it saves energy and money because your A/C or heating system doesn’t have to work so hard to maintain your desired indoor temperature.

Limit noise pollution: Like a comfortable temperature, quiet enjoyment of your home is also important to your family’s comfort. Double pane windows help with this too, because IGUs dampen exterior noise so your home is also shielded from outdoor noise.

How are Insulated Glass Units Unique?

Each glass unit in your window is made up of two or more glass layers separated by a sealed, insulating spacer. The space between the double or triple layers of glass may contain a super spacer or a moisture absorbing substance. Krypton or argon gasses may also be used for extra-effective insulation. Each IGU is sealed to maintain effectiveness and avoid the chance of condensation forming between the glass layers.

Double Pane Window Replacement

At Glass Doctor of Carmi, we specialize in insulated window replacement to return your windows to like-new efficiency in controlling heat loss and noise blocking. If possible, we will replace only the glass or damaged panes, leaving window frames intact if they're functional. Whether your entire window needs replacement, or if we fix the glass only, we’ll provide expert service.

Your new insulated windows usually begin paying for themselves in lower utility costs within a month. It doesn't take long for your energy costs to be reduced with properly sealed windows. Besides saving energy and money, you’ll also enjoy a more comfortable and low-noise home with upgraded windows. As a bonus, properly sealed windows provide an extra selling point if you later decide to put your Carmi-area home on the market.

Now is the perfect time to improve your home environment, conveniently and economically. Get a double pane window estimate from Glass Doctor of Carmi today!

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