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Custom Mirrors

Mirrors are a beautiful way to create fascinating interior spaces. From customized accent pieces to full wall coverage, mirrors spread light, reflect the outdoors to your home’s interior and add an inviting aesthetic to every room in which they’re used. Making the most of natural light within your home’s interior has the added benefit of reducing energy bills.

Glass Doctor® of Carmi, IL has years of experience providing our customers with a nearly endless choice of custom mirrors with options suitable to every personal style and taste. If you are looking for ways to express artistry and design through the use of mirrors, our highly qualified experts are ready to guide you.

Enhance with Natural Light

It’s actually possible to double the amount of a light in a room by adding just a mirror or two in the right places. Hang a mirror behind a chandelier or opposite a picture window. They’re both great ways to beautifully reflect natural and artificial light. To achieve this effect try one or more of these ideas:

  • Bedroom mirrors placed between and opposite windows will work wonders. In a small room, hang a mirror directly across from a window and create the illusion of another window, brightening and enlarging the room at the same time.
  • Mounted mirrors perfectly reflect the spreading light from desk and bedside lamps, as well as wall sconces.

Create the Illusion of Space

Mirrors are the perfect tool to create the illusion of more space. They trick the human eye into seeing an expanded space and, when strategically placed, will make any room in your home appear larger, warmer and more inviting. One of our custom mirror specialists will happily come to your home to discuss the options we offer and give their expert advice on style, size, and placement. If you want to open up some cramped spaces, try these helpful tips:

  • Use full-size mirrors behind the sink in your bathroom to reflect light. Consider placing them in decorative frames to resemble artwork. Our custom glass options include unique finishes, tints, edges, and shapes, all of which add visual interest.
  • Line a cramped hallway with mirrors to make it appear wider and longer.
  • Create depth in the kitchen by installing a mirror tile backsplash.
  • Mirrored doors are not just for closets. Consider adding custom mirror doors to shelving or replace existing cabinet doors with mirrored ones.

Mirrors to Impress

Glass Doctor of Carmi will cut just about any custom mirror you can dream of and we’ll frame it for you, too!

  • Let us show you how to create an inviting living room by adding an oversized mirror, or take it even further and add a full-length floor to ceiling mirrors for a grand addition.
  • Mirrored shelving is ideal for displaying beautiful pieces of art or collectibles.
  • Raw, painted or stained wood frames with custom mirror inserts are a wonderful way to make a one-of-a-kind statement.

Glass Doctor of Carmi specialists are the experts to turn to when it comes to creating a more inviting and expressive home through the use of custom mirrors. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation to discuss all your custom mirror needs. We look forward to meeting and serving you!