Clear Choice Protectant

Clear ChoiceTM is the patented surface protectant from Glass Doctor® or Carmi, IL. With just one application, Clear Choice can beautify and protect your home or office glass, porcelain, and quality stone countertops for up to five years. Our team offers the treatment to Carmi, Grayville, Norris City, and surrounding White County-area homeowners and businesses that want to strengthen surfaces, reduce contaminants and lessen cleaning time, while maintaining or increasing the investment value of their property.

Clear Choice for Your Home

Your property is one of your largest financial investments; you want to protect and increase its value when possible. Glass Doctor of Carmi Clear Choice glass treatment is insurance against scratches and hard water stains that mar and damage fixtures and countertops. With just one application, you'll have a protective barrier against:

  • Bacteria and environmental pollutants
  • Hard Water stains
  • Mineral deposits and build-up
  • Scratches
  • Weathering

Kitchens and bathrooms should be the cleanest rooms in your home, but unfortunately, they are the most germ-prone rooms, too. These areas require almost daily cleaning; Clear Choice glass treatment can make sinks, tubs, showers, and bathtubs easier to clean as well as reduce bacteria, mold, and mildew. It's also safe for our planet, using only environmentally-friendly compounds. Benefits of its oil-and water-repellent properties include:

  • Fewer cleanings
  • Glossier surfaces
  • Mold and bacteria resistance
  • Reduced hard water etching and mineral deposits
  • Stain, scratch and impact resistance
  • Strengthens your glass, porcelain and quality stone against weathering

Clear Choice for Your Auto

The benefits of the patented Clear Choice solution for your home are available for your vehicle as well. One Clear Choice glass treatment for your car's windshield increases visibility during harsh weather, including rain and snowstorms.

Opt for a high-tech glass treatment that will preserve the beauty and sustainability of your finest glass, stone and porcelain fixtures. All while reducing your family's risk of cross-contamination from surface dirt and bacteria. Call Glass Doctor of Carmi at 618-380-4182 or fill out an online request form today for more information.