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Clear Choice Protectant

The beauty of glass and other expensive surface materials in your Finger Lakes area home can be easily marred. It's imperative to protect fragile window glass and other surfaces. The glass specialists at Glass Doctorof Finger Lakes® offer you the option of adding a layer of protection to your glass and surfaces with an application of our Clear Choiceк glass protectant. Our unique surface protectant adds a clear, polished layer of fortification to surfaces while cutting down routine maintenance and effort. A single glass treatment after the initial surface cleaning is finished will create a molecular barrier that repels oils, hard water and other damaging materials.

Protecting Your Investment

The beauty of a gleaming marble countertop or a custom glass shower enclosure can suffer surface damage due to hard water stains, hair cleansers or soap scum. Daily routines slowly ruin these delicate surfaces. Clear Choice was developed to protect finishes while maintain or increasing luster.

Clear Choice Features

Because of its repellent qualities, the treatment will cause water and other liquids to glide off. Repelling liquids and oils means there is less chance of minerals and surface contaminants causing stains or spots, making daily cleaning far easier. To keep the treated surfaces in your home looking new, simply clean them once a week using a mild detergent and water solution applied to a damp microfiber cloth.

All smooth surfaces, especially glass, contain microscopic peaks, valleys and other imperfections. Most shower and bath enclosures endure daily exposure to body oils, hard water and soap scum, making them far more susceptible to staining than most other glass surfaces. An application of Clear Choice surface protectant fills in these irregularities, smoothing surfaces while providing better resistance to potential damage from stains, scratches, impacts and UV rays from the sun.

Benefits of Clear Choice

Following a personalized, in-home consultation, our surface protectant specialists will expertly apply Clear Choice to any surfaces in your home that you choose to protect. A single glass treatment provides a lustrous, yet protective shield for glass, stone and additional interior surfaces that will last for up to five years.

Here's a look at some of our Clear Choice benefits:

  • Our surface protectant dries to a clear, glossy finish
  • Clear Choice reduces cleaning effort
  • It resists surface damage from the sun's heat and UV rays, impacts and stains
  • One application restores surface brilliance
  • Clear Choice offers more liquid repellent power than other protective glass and surface coatings
  • It eliminates the need for using harsh abrasive or chemical cleaners

Contact Glass Doctor of Finger Lakes for your in-home consultation. Our team will be happy to tell you about the benefits of protecting the glass and other fine surfaces in your home with a Clear Choice glass treatment. Glass Doctor of Finger Lakes never fails to provide our clients with the highest levels of customer service and skilled workmanship.