The Role Automotive Glass Plays in Your Safety

Automotive glass plays an important role in keeping the passengers in your vehicle safe. Proper auto glass installation and repair is essential to maintain the structural integrity of your car and to protect your loved ones from being injured from dangerous glass breakage. Whether you are bringing your new baby home from the hospital, enjoying a family outing, or letting your teen take the car out for a spin, it is vital that all of your auto glass is installed according to regulations set forth by the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC), and kept in good repair.

The Role of Your Windshield

Your vehicle's windshield could just be one of the most significant safety features of your vehicle. It provides a significant amount of strength to the structural integrity of the cabin of your car or truck- offering up to 45 percent in a front-end collision and about 60 percent in a rollover crash. In addition to helping to ensure that the roof of your vehicle doesn't collapse on your or your passengers in a rollover, a properly installed windshield enables the airbags in your vehicle to deploy in the correct position and can reduce the chances of you or your loved ones being ejected. When glass damage is not repaired, however, or your windshield is not properly installed, the glass could break more easily, or even fly out in the event of an accident.

Your windshield is made from a special type of laminated glass which includes two pieces of glass separated by a thin layer of vinyl that are fused together by an autoclave. When the windshield is subjected to impact, the broken pieces of glass adhere to the vinyl lining instead of flying apart, protecting passengers from dangerous shards.

Auto Glass Care for Side and Rear Windows

Correct auto glass care for your vehicle's side and rear windows is extremely important to maintain the structural integrity and safety of your passengers as well. Even small damage will sometimes develop into large, dangerous cracks that place you or your loved ones in danger. Damaged side and rear windows should be professionally replaced with new OEM glass as soon as possible.

Your vehicle's side and rear windows are made from tempered glass. The process of "tempering" glass includes heating the material to more than 590° Celsius and then immediately cooling it. Tempered glass is significantly stronger than non-tempered glass of the same thickness. Instead of breaking into large, dangerous pieces, tempered glass breaks into small fragments approximately the size of rock salt.

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