Spruce Up Your Home for the Upcoming Holiday Season

October is an ideal time to seek glass repair services. With the kids back in school, you have the time and energy to deal with neglected home projects, such as outdated windows and poorly furnished rooms. Before you have family over for the holidays and the end of the year craziness commences with gift shopping and parties, get your home in good working order. This October make one or more of the following glass projects a priority.

Create a more inviting space for visitors

Hosting family for the holidays is the perfect excuse to update your home with new windows and custom glass pieces. A 360-degree, panoramic display showcasing your prized art collection in the living room is sure to wow family and friends alike. If you’ve been looking for the finishing touch for your entryway or guest bedroom, consider a strategically-positioned mirror to extend the reach of both natural and artificial light in the space.

Upgrading your windows or re-insulating your existing windows also creates a more comfortable home environment for your holiday guests. No one wants to sit in a draft while watching the big game or listening to classic family stories. Give your family the comfort they deserve to enjoy your time together as much as possible.

Experience greater productivity at home

It’s hard to get much work done at home when you don’t have a proper setup for our computer and other office supplies. Glass Doctor® of Calgary works closely with local residents to design custom glass-topped desks and glass shelving units to create functional yet attractive office spaces. We listen to our customers’ style preferences to develop one of a kind furniture pieces tailored to their existing home décor. You’ll get the furniture you’ve always dreamed of owning without breaking the bank.

Save on energy bills in the winter

If your windows are over 15 years old, consider installing new windows to create a more comfortable, draft-free home and save on your energy bills. Insulated glass units (IGUs) or double pane windows ensure a consistent indoor air temperature, lower energy consumption and reduced noise pollution, making life in the urban areas of Calgary quite pleasant. If you want to save on energy bills, but aren’t in the market for new windows, consider basic glass repair, including sealing air leaks and investing in insulation around the windows.

Glass Doctor of Calgary offers a wide range of glass repair, replacement, installation and general maintenance services for local homeowners. To get additional information about our service offerings or to schedule a free in-home consultation, fill out our online request form or give us a call at 403-366-1276.