Childproof Your Home for Summer

As the days get longer and hotter, it becomes blazingly clear that summer is approaching. This time of the year represents fun in the sun and your kids being home from school. While you may continually remind them not run inside, it's virtually impossible to prevent it. All it takes is one accident, and you may be making an impromptu trip to the emergency room.

Protect your kids and your home with innovative solutions from Glass Doctor® of Calgary. Our experts offer decades of experience helping parents create safe and hazard-free zones. Continue reading to learn more about our top kid-proofing services.

Get the Clear Choice™ Protectant

Clear Choice glass treatment is an innovative solution designed to help protect all of the silica-based surfaces in your home. With a single application of Clear Choice glass treatment, your surfaces will be more resistant to:

  • Germs, bacteria, and mold
  • Scratches, impacts, and stains
  • Hard water
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Weathering
  • Mineral deposits

Instead of spending hours cleaning up small fingerprints off your countertops, Clear Choice allows you to work smarter - not harder. Protect your kids and reduce your labor with Clear Choice glass treatment.

Keep Your Temper with Tempered Glass

Ensure broken glass doesn't result end in a trip to the emergency room and stitches. Trust Glass Doctor of Calgary to create custom tempered glass pieces for your home. Tempered glass is tougher than normal glass as a result of being treated by chemicals or heat. If the tempered glass does break, it intelligently breaks into smaller, circular pieces instead of jagged shards, which makes it less likely to result in injuries.

Even with the most stringent "no running in the house" rules, accidents do happen! When they do, tempered glass is much easier to clean up. It breaks into smaller fragments instead of jagged pieces, which allows you to quickly sweep it up instead of trying to pick up dangerous shards of glass. After sweeping the space, you can use a vacuum to ensure the area is safe.

Tempered Glass Uses and Applications

Glass Doctor of Calgary offers expert measurement and customization services so we can create tempered glass pieces for virtually any application. Some of the most common uses of tempered glass are:

  • Sliding Patio Door / Glass Doors
  • Glass Dining Room Table
  • Glass Desk
  • Coffee Table Glass

Contact Glass Doctor of Calgary

Enjoy your summer with less cleaning and fewer emergency visits with Glass Doctor of Calgary. We offer a wealth of kid-friendly, home-proofing solutions, so you can have more fun in the sun - instead of emergency room waits.

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