Best Upgrades for Selling your Home

Early summer revitalizes the real estate market, and sources like point out the importance of having your home sale-ready during the market’s most popular buying season. Promoting interest is as simple as optimizing your home’s appeal. The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Calgary works with customers to make sure their homes are seen in the best light possible.

Elevate Curb Appeal

Home and garden shows made the concept of curb appeal understandable. In today’s busy age, your exterior is the invitation to get potential buyers to take the time to walk through the door. Our team of glass specialists will help you make that crucial positive first impression.

One option is to install new window panes. According to Remodeling Magazine, it’s one of the best investments you can make.

Glass Doctor of Calgary has a myriad of pane options. The style, regional location and needs of your home are all taken into consideration when selecting which panes are ideal. We offer:

  • Double pane windows: In addition to an attractive appearance, double pane windows increase energy efficiency and help to eliminate “hot” rooms. They insulate against cold weather and can markedly lower energy bills.
  • Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows: Low-E windows use a glaze to improve the energy efficiency of your home while blocking harmful UV rays. Low-E windows have the ability to lower your energy costs while preventing fading of furniture, flooring and more.

Upgrade Home Interior

While double pane windows improve the exterior and tempt buyers into the home, the interior still needs to enhance your home’s best features. Staging is an important element that our team of glass experts can assist with by creating alluring glass décor additions. Consider upgrading showers with custom glass enclosure or allowing art to shine with glass or mirrored shelving. Glass dining tables allow an eating area to open up while full-length wall mirrors add an efficient pop to your entrance. Our team will discuss the multitude of options and help you decide which upgrades will work to get the most from your home.

Quality Glass Care

Big projects or small, Glass Doctor of Calgary's team of specialists will work to increase home value with the right improvements. Contact us today to add polish and get the premium price for your home.