Allergy Solution in Windows

Springtime in Canada means warmer days, beautiful flowers and, of course, allergies. For those with severe pollen or mould allergies, spending any time outdoors causes serious breathing problems, leaving millions to seek comfort behind the double pane windows in their home. Unfortunately, old windows will do little to alleviate the allergies.

Invest in Double Pane Windows

Recently, the Mayo Clinic suggested people with allergies invest in insulated glass units (IGUs) for their homes. The double panes offer protection against mould growth, and keeps more pollen out of the house than a traditional single pane window.

Combating Mold

A double pane window prevents the formation of condensation on the glass, a leading cause of mould growth in the home. At Glass Doctor¨ of Calgary we supply homeowners with the highest quality IGUs, which will radically improve climate-control efficiency. By reducing the heat transfer on the glass, condensation doesn't form inside your home, so the mould doesn't have a cool, wet place to grow.

Barrier Against Pollen

Pollen in the air causes the eyes to water, the sinuses to drain, and the throat to dry out. A closed window might appear to be an adequate barrier against pollen, but single pane windows are prone to broken seals which allow pollen into your home. Our team of experts restores a tight seal to your home, effectively blocking the pollen before it causes an allergic reaction.

Quality Double Pane Window Difference

Cutting corners on your home's windows might seem like a good idea now, but compromising on quality will have negative implications later. Our specialists will repair broken seals or glass damage in your existing windows. If your windows have outlived their usefulness, we will upgrade your home to a more efficient IGU.

Stop Suffering Today

The staff at Glass Doctor of Calgary is committed to improving the quality of your life with exceptional glass care. Contact us to schedule an appointment to see how changes to your windows might reduce your allergies this season.