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Cadillac, MI

Clear Choice Protectant

Clear ChoiceTM glass treatment is the ultimate solution to protect your home's surfaces from damage. This versatile protectant can be used on glass shower doors, tub enclosures, sinks and more to provide a lustrous finish that repels staining, chips and scratches for up to five years. Apply Clear Choice to countertops, toilets and backsplashes in your bathroom or kitchen to preserve your home's beauty and make cleaning a cinch.

Protect Your Investment

Soap scum, hard water, mineral deposits and exposure to environmental pollutants often wreak havoc on granite, tile, glass and other porous surfaces. Over time, these materials lose their shine, become more susceptible to the growth of molds and bacteria, and suffer scratches and chips that leave them looking and feeling dingy and old. A single application of Clear Choice from the specialists at Glass Doctor of Cadillac, MI provides a protective barrier and glossy finish that makes your furnishings resistant to damage from:

  • Hard water stains
  • Mineral deposits
  • Weathering
  • Scratches and chips

Benefits of Clear Choice

Clear Choice protectant offers customers a wide variety of benefits to keep homes in the Cadillac community preserved and looking great. The unique ingredients in this innovative glass treatment repel oil, water, and a variety of contaminants resulting in:

  • Fewer, less labor intensive cleanings
  • Reduced susceptibility to mold and bacteria
  • Resistance to scratches, chips, and damage from impact
  • The prevention of hard water etching
  • Glossier surfaces that are preserved for years to come

Avoid harsh chemicals and keep your bathroom, kitchen and other areas of your home clean and looking new with a single, professional application of Clear Choice glass protectant from the specialists at Glass Doctor of Cadillac, MI. Contact us today to schedule a free, in-home consultation, and be sure to ask our glass experts about the many ways a touch of glass can enhance the beauty of your home.