Temporary and Portable Sneeze Guards

Temporary sneeze guards are barriers between employees and customers that reduce the transmission of germs. Potential uses for temporary sneeze guards include placement between servers and patrons, between beautician stations inside a busy salon or even between employees working in close proximity for brief periods of time.

Temporary sneeze guards allow businesses to resume or retain normal function while stemming the spread of germs, keeping their community safe by creating a temporary barrier. While permanent sneeze guards may be the right solution for some businesses, portable sneeze guards or plexiglass shields are also very effective – affording employers more flexibility in configuring workspaces and in serving customers.

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What Are Portable Sneeze Guards?

Plexiglass shields also known as portable sneeze guards, or temporary sneeze guards or acrylic shields are terms used interchangeably to describe germ barriers that are easily moved. Commonly made of plexiglass or Lexan, portable sneeze guards are self-supporting structures that prevent the spread of germs between employees and customers.

Temporary sneeze guards are typically lightweight, easy to move, may roll on casters, or are hung from the ceiling. Many are portable, with table or desktop styles that allow individuals to move them from location to location, for example placed on a table at a restaurant by - a server - taking an order.

Unlike permanent sneeze guards, portable sneeze guards do not have a frame and are never permanently affixed to a table or desktop. Sneeze guards must be self-supporting to be considered temporary or portable.

Portable Sneeze Guards: An Affordable Solution

Because they are made of Lexan polycarbonate or plexiglass, and because they require little to no installation, portable sneeze guards are more affordable than permanent sneeze guards. Portable sneeze guards may be the most appropriate solution for your business.

It should be noted that the life span of a temporary sneeze guard may be considerably shorter than its permanent counterpart. Lexan and plexiglass shields may yellow, scratch or wear over time, making them difficult to see through and challenging to thoroughly clean.

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Is a Temporary Sneeze Guard Right for My Business?

A temporary sneeze guard or portable sneeze guard may be the most appropriate germ barrier for your business. Businesses in the market for temporary or portable sneeze guard solutions include restaurants, convenience stores and farm stands. Advisors, professionals and schools also benefit from the flexibility that portable sneeze guards provide.

Some businesses require a combination of permanent and portable sneeze guards to adequately protect the most critical points of contact between individuals.

Acrylic Sneeze Guard Design

Portable, or acrylic, sneeze guards are very versatile. Because they do not require pillars, clamps or framing, it’s easy to integrate these important germ barriers in your space. Acrylic sneeze guards may be manufactured in many different sizes – if they are still able to be self-supporting.

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