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Clear Choice Protectant

The glass products in your home create an atmosphere of cleanliness and light. Your bathrooms, living and dining areas, as well as your outdoor spaces utilize glass and porcelain surfaces to create a functional, beautiful atmosphere. Glass Doctor® of Burnaby knows that keeping your interior and exterior items protected is important. We offer glass treatment services that guard your glass pieces from premature wear and environmental damages, prolonging the life of your investments.

Clear Choice™ Protectant

Specially formulated for use on silica-based products like glass, granite and porcelain, our Clear Choice glass treatment offers homeowners an effective solution for keeping their windows, tiles and furnishings looking great. The one-time glass treatment creates an invisible barrier that prevents porous surfaces from absorbing liquid, oils or similar contaminants.

This innovative application also safeguards your glass furnishings from environmental pollutants and mineral deposits that dull the finish, and delivers extra protection against scratches, nicks and chips. Our courteous specialists perform glass care treatments at your home or office, providing a shield that protects for up to five years.

Extending the Life of Your Investments

Our Clear Choice protectant is environmentally friendly works on a variety of interior and exterior surfaces. Applications include:

  • Bathroom: In the bathroom, Clear Choice protects your glass shower doors, tub enclosures, countertops, tile, and mirrors from hard water stains, mold, and accidental stains. The invisible coating discourages bacteria growth, keeping the entire room more sanitary.
  • Living areas: Glass shelving, cabinet doors, and tables gain an additional safety barrier with Clear Choice that requires less frequent cleaning and creates a scratch proof, impact resistant surface to improve indoor safety.
  • Outdoors: Over time, outdoor surfaces exposed to the elements lose their luster. With our glass treatment service, your patio furniture, doors, and tiled walkways maintain their sparkling, brand-new look longer.
  • Commercial use: Clear choice is perfect for extending the use of your waiting room areas, glass partitions, and display cases, often preventing costly replacements.
  • Automotive: Particularly beneficial on front and rear windshields, Clear Choice establishes improved visibility while driving in inclement weather. Water, dirt, and debris are swiftly channeled off the surface and away from your line of sight.

Our glass treatment service extends the life of your investments by restoring their original shine and guarding against future damage. Contact Glass Doctor of Burnaby today to arrange for your free home or office consultation.