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National Accounts Program

If there's one sure thing about modern business, it's that no company will survive without constant improvements in efficiency. Increasing efficiency allows companies to cut costs, attract more customers and pay their workers better, leading to higher profits and better community relations. At Glass Doctor® of Brookhaven, we understand your company's need to regularly improve productivity and cost-effectiveness, which is why we created the National Accounts program. By signing up for our program, your business will receive:

  • Diverse Discounts: The National Accounts program comes with regular opportunities to save money on new glass, repair work, and upgrades. Discounts usually amount to between 10-30% of the original price.
  • Consistent Costs: Opening a new branch or moving your headquarters is always a hassle, as it requires you to research the prices, customs and tax policies in your new location. As a member of our national business repair accounts, you will pay the same price for glass anywhere in the United States, minimizing the inconvenience of moving or operating across multiple states.
  • An Available Agent: Time is money, and no company can afford to waste its time being transferred from office to office. To save you from this hassle, we have assigned a single manager to answer all of our National Accounts' customers' questions and requests.
  • Centralized Service: Regardless of your location, you'll be able to reach us at the same toll-free 800 number and mail your bills to the same address. We are happy to answer your requests by phone or e-mail.
  • Reports in Real Time: Our glass repair and installation specialists will never leave you in the dark. National Accounts members have the right to see progress reports and invoices at any stage during the repair or installation process.
  • Quick Response: We make National Accounts members our first priority, responding to their requests as soon as we receive them.
  • Emergency Glass Repair and Replacement: No company can afford to ignore a broken window, which is why our repair team is available 24/7 to restore safety, sustainability and beauty to your business.

Don't pass up a chance to cut costs and improve efficiency; contact Glass Doctor of Brookhaven today to sign up for a National Account.