Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

A home benefits from thought and care during the decorating and remodel process. Each project can enhance your home's beauty and increase its value. One room to focus your energy on is the bathroom. While you aren’t dealing with fabrics and furniture, a bathroom can be upgraded with the addition of a glass shower or tub enclosure. From basic framed shower doors to a custom glass masterpiece, let glass become the focal point and direct light throughout the room. Glass Doctor® of Bloomington IN is ready to assist you with the process. Our experts will discuss everything from budget and design to installation and maintenance.

The Consultation

Before the process begins there are a few aspects to think about. Your shower or tub enclosure is more than a few pieces of glass. You’ll need to think about:

  • Layout: You’ll want to determine the best design for the bathroom. This entails where the shower door opens to and the best size for your space.
  • Possibilities: Determine the materials used for your bathroom walls. Tile and drywall will factor into the maximum weight glass you are able to use. If you want more support, there may be additional renovations required.
  • Measurements: Our experts will come to you to obtain accurate measurements. By doing the job right, we can help you avoid extra costs, and give you an exact estimate.
  • Ventilation: Glass Doctor of Toledo will assess the ventilation in your bathroom. Ventilation is essential in preventing water damage and mold. In fully tiled bathrooms, our specialists can install the right ventilation to go with your new glass shower doors.
  • Fixtures: Finding the right fixtures for your new shower doors and tub enclosures will ensure that water does not escape or spray water in the wrong places. They will also help to complete your overall interior design.
  • Glass: Choose the right style of glass for your bathroom. Glass Doctor of Toledo works with everything from more customized glass options to the straightforward shower door replacement. You’ll be able to look at different glass widths, edging, detail work and safety features.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

Glass Doctor provides several services to kick-start your imagination while gathering ideas, including:

Let your bathroom become the sanctuary you’ve always wanted. Contact Glass Doctor of Bloomington IN to get started on your home improvement project today.