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Double Pane Windows

After many years of acting as a buffer between your home interior and the constantly changing weather conditions of the outdoors, your double pane windows become stressed and their seals fail. This allows the climate-controlled air of your house to leak out and your energy bills begin to rise. If you notice a foggy appearance between the panes of your windows, it is time for a double pane window repair.

At Glass Doctor® of Bloomington, IN, we have a range of the best insulated glass units (IGUs) to choose from, and our specialists are often able to replace just your panes, leaving your window frames and grids intact.

double pane window

What Are Insulated Glass Units?

Double pane windows, triple pane windows and low-emissivity (Low-E) windows all fall into the category of IGUs. These windows all have a spacer between the panes that is filled with either a desiccant to absorb moisture or a super spacer or other type of warm-edge spacer. Some windows also contain argon or krypton gas in their air space for additional insulation. To further improve energy efficiency, the entire unit is covered with a high-grade sealant to prevent leakages.

Benefits of IGUs

IGUs do more than just save money and improve home comfort by regulating temperature. They also:

  • Reduce noise pollution from the outside.
  • Increase your home value.
  • Protect you and your furnishings from UV damage, when you choose tinted glass.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.

Contact us at Glass Doctor of Bloomington, IN, for a double pane window repair or to upgrade your current windows with new IGUs. Schedule an appointment for a home inspection with one of our specialists to see if you can keep your current frames to maintain the same facade for your home.