Door Closer Repair Service

The moment a potential customer walks through the door, they register a first impression of your business. Having a door that works properly goes a long way toward making a positive first impression. Glass Doctor® of Bloomington offers manual door closer repair and maintenance services to keep commercial doors functioning safely for all those who use them.

How Door Closers Work

A manual door closer enables an individual to operate a door with ease because he doesn't have to close it behind him physically. When a door closer is installed properly, a user feels minor resistance while opening the door, allowing him momentarily feel the weight of the door. Once the user experiences initial resistance, the door moves open smoothly. After the user has quit applying resistance, the door closer's spring forces the door to close gently until it's is back in its original place.

Door Closer Repair

Incorrect Kinds of Door Closers

The heavier the door, the stronger the door closer and the stronger the springs it requires. When a door is fitted with the wrong type of closer, the risk of misalignment and damage to the closer, door and user increases.

Improperly Installed and Adjusted Door Closers

The experts at Glass Doctor of Bloomington use the proper tools to install and service door closers to extend their lifespan and keep them in good working order. Hiring an experienced door closer specialist to install and maintain door closers and adjust their springs is critical for preventing the following issues.

  • Misalignment
  • Door frame damage
  • Unusual or unexpected door movements

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

Broken seals expose clearance gaps, heightening the risk of lubricant leaks and hardware damage. Typically an oil leak points to a mechanical issue with a door closer, such as broken O-rings, failed seals or a missing screw. Leaving a door closer lacking lubrication may make the door open or close too quickly, potentially hurting the door or the user. Hire a professional to replace the door closer's oil.

Door is Difficult to Lock

A door that is tough to lock compromises security and may affect the condition of the door closer, locking mechanism or door frame.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Hiring an inexperienced, ill-equipped repairman to fix your door closer may void your contract. Call the experts at Glass Doctor of Bloomington. In addition to installing, maintaining and repairing door closers, our team also offers assistance with door frames, hinges, thresholds and other door components. To learn more about our door closer repair services or to set up a complementary on-site consultation, contact Glass Doctor of Bloomington today.