Advance Measurement System

Glass Doctor® of Bloomington offers the Advance Measurement system as a proactive glass repair solution for your commercial property. Enrolling will guarantee you the fastest repair completed by the most qualified specialists in the area.

How our System Works

When you enroll in the Advance Measurement program, our glass specialists will survey your facility, measuring the windows, glass doors and specialty glass products. Our team will create a diagram that outlines the type of glass you need, along with any safety glass code requirements. The location of each pane will be numbered on the diagram. After creating your custom glass map, we will store the file at our facility for future reference.

Fast Emergency Repairs

The team at Glass Doctor of Bloomington will respond to your glass emergency, day or night. Just report the number of the pane, using the diagram, and if the glass is in stock, it will be replaced right away. This saves the hassle of an unsightly board-up. Completing the installation process in one visit saves your business time and money. By pre-establishing your credit and billing information, the replacement process is streamlined and disruption to your business operations is minimized.

In-Stock Options

If your glass breaks often, Glass Doctor of Bloomington will pre-order your glass through our in-stock program. This proactive commercial glass repair solution further expedites the replacement process, since we will have your glass on-hand when you need it.

Benefits of the Advance Measurement System

The Advance Measurement system offers convenience and savings. By completing the repair in one trip, your business transactions won't be continually disrupted. You’ll also reduce the risk of customer injury and prevent further exposure due to theft or vandalism. The appearance of your facility will not be tarnished by a board-up while you wait for your glass to be measured and ordered. When you pre-establish your credit, possible billing conflicts are eliminated and you enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Practice proactive commercial glass repair and protect your business before disaster strikes. Schedule your Advance Measurement consultation today.