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If you own a business, you already know that one of the first things your customers notice is the quality of your glass. In addition to beautiful display cases and charming mirrors, installing large, beautiful, energy-efficient windows is one of the best ways to draw your customers' attention....Read more

Windows play an influential role in generating revenue and controlling the costs associated with commercial enterprise. Hospitality, retail, and healthcare industries rely on the inviting, open atmospheres large windows create to attract loyal customers. According to a recent...Read more

For businesses such as hotels and hospitals, adding “extras” to your windows makes a big difference in the experience your guests will have and increases their satisfaction with your company. For example, views are extremely important to hotel guests,...Read more

Window features and their benefits don’t tend to be the first thing businesses think of when making improvements on large scale. It does, however, tend to be something that people visiting those businesses think about. When equipped with the right attributes, windows provide the ability to give...Read more

Applying window tint to the exterior glass surfaces in your home is very beneficial. The window tinting process is an easy upgrade for your home, because it does not require you to replace glass or build support structures. Glass Doctor® of Newmarket offers window tinting service for your home...Read more

Social media has provided potential clients with the chance to find out about your services in detail before they decide to pay your business a visit. Coupled with ever more choice, businesses are under great pressure to improve if they want to continue to attract new customers. A simple way to...Read more

People love windows and most are drawn to indoor environments that provide exposure to daylight and views of the outside world. Research indicates that exposure to sunlight, while working or relaxing indoors, has many health benefits. In an office environment, exposure to daylight, has been...Read more

Upgrade the allure and elegance of your hotel or hospital without breaking the bank with customized solutions from Glass Doctor® of Calgary. Instead of breaking the bank with exhaustive budgets and experiencing significant downtime, our cutting-edge window tint and Low-E glass is one of the most...Read more

One of the best-kept secrets of British Columbia is that the climate here is quite moderate; we rarely have below-freezing temperatures. In Abbotsford, for example, we have an estimated 285 days of sunshine annually. Sunshine can lift our spirits, but the ultraviolet light (UV), especially the...Read more