Spot a Liar on National Honesty Day

National Honesty Day is April 30, and Glass Doctor has five ways to spot dishonesty. Glass Doctor believes in fixing your panes and they want to “fix your pains” when dealing with a dishonest person.

Don’t let a liar ruin National Honesty Day for you. Catch them in their lies by using these tips.

  1. “Frankly,” you can catch them in the lie.Liars often use words like “frankly” or “to be quite honest” when they are not telling the truth. I guess you could say, “Quite frankly,” they will lie right to your face. If you catch them constantly using these key words pay close attention to the details of their words and stories. The more they use the words the more you should pay attention.
  2. “Look” at what they are saying.Liars will often times avoid any eye contact when they are not telling the truth. If their eyes drift away when they should be looking at you they may not be telling the truth. If they would rather look at the floor or ceiling when speaking this could mean that they are hiding something. Try to force them to make eye contact when they are speaking to you if you suspect them of fibbing.
  3. Does your smile match theirs?A liar will often times smile longer than five seconds when they are lying. They will also have a smile that does not cause wrinkles near the corners of the eye. A real smile will often times cause wrinkles around the eyes to appear.
  4. The truth and lie are tangled.A liar will have a line of truth sprinkled with lies at key points. This helps them cover up the whole truth. If you look into what they are saying for verification you will come up with truths leading you to believe the entire statement. By putting false statements in with the truth they are able to hide the lie. If you suspect a liar, check the whole story.
  5. Death by details.When asked about a lie, liars will go into elaborate detail. If you suspect they are lying, keep asking questions until they can’t possibly give you any more information. People who are honest will avoid giving you extremely detailed information because they have nothing to hide or have not given it that much thought.

Once you spot a liar there are things that can be done. If you catch a liar on National Honesty Day:

  • Confront the behavior directly.
  • Understand the impact it has on you and others around you.
  • Most importantly, Move forward and past the lie and liar.