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Mason Jar Madness: Gold Mason Jar Flower Vase

Gold can add an elegant pop of color to any décor. This gold polka-dotted mason jar is an easy craft, yet it looks store-bought. Add some flowers for more color and elegance, and everyone will be asking where you bought your decoration!

You will need:

  • A mason jar
  • Circle sponge brushes of different sizes
  • Gold craft paint
  • Fake flowers of your choice
  • A clear varnish (or any clear substance to paint over the finished jar)

Helpful tip:

Sponge or dotting the paint on works better than using strokes. The texture may seem spongy when you apply it, but it will become smooth as it dries.


The jar:

  • Take the lid off the jar.
  • Starting at the bottom of the jar, take the largest sponge and start painting. Paint the bottom solid gold. Starting with the largest circle sponge, start creating dots coming out of the solid bottom.
  • With a medium circled sponge brush, begin adding more dots coming out of the large dots.
  • Continue with the small circle sponge brush.
  • As the dots get smaller, start placing them farther and farther apart.
  • Also, try to space them randomly rather than an equal distance apart. This will make the look flow better.  
  • Wait to dry.
  • Add another two or three coats over your design until it has the desired look.


  • Take the center out so you only have the rim.
  • Paint the rim the same gold color you are using the jar.
  • Wait to dry.
  • Once dry, add another layer. Repeat three to four times, or until you are happy with the result.

To finish:

  • Add a coat of varnish over both the lid and jar. This will keep the paint from chipping and adds a shine.
  • Once completely dry, screw the painted rim of the lid on the jar. Arrange your choice of fake (or real) flowers in the jar!