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Make your Own Indoor Herb Garden

Plant your favorite spices and have them at your fingertips this spring! Don’t know when or where to start? Now is a perfect time. The first week of May is National Herb Week; its purpose is to bring national attention to herbs and herb businesses.

Join Glass Doctor® in celebrating herb week with an indoor herb garden ready to soak up some rays! Plant fresh, aromatic herbs in your kitchen and they will be ready for snipping and sprinkling into gourmet dishes. No more worrying about herbs from the supermarket wilting; you have your own supply! Take a look at these five herbs perfect for your indoor herb garden.


Basil leaves need a lot of sun and warmth. When they are ready to be used, they bring a classic Italian taste to your pasta, pizzas, and salads.


Oregano’s fragrance and flavor make it a must-have for indoor gardens. Add it to Italian-inspired dishes alongside basil or Mediterranean cuisine.


Tarragon thrives with little care. It has a delicate flavor ideal for French dressings, sauces and soups. Bon appétit!


Sow chervil seeds for a low-calorie flavor boost for all springtime dishes. With the right amount of sun, they’ll mature and add a sweet taste to your meats, salads and cream sauces.


Cilantro is a fast-growing herb that needs moisture and air to flourish. Add them to your garden if you’re often in the mood for a Mexican dish; cilantro perfectly compliments Mexican salsas and entrees!

From the article, “Grow Your Own” by Katie Cole