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Keep Your Bathroom Safe and Fall Free

Keep Your Bathroom Safe and Fall Free image

Your bathroom is an in-home get-away of sorts. Bubbly baths and hot-steamy showers can provide a much-needed serenity from the day’s troubles. But did you know that the bathroom could also be the most dangerous room in your home? According to the Center for Disease Control, falls are the cause of most bathroom injuries. Think about it. Water + shiny tile = prime falling conditions. And toss in a few bumps and bruises from middle-of-the-night pit stops in the dark and you’ve got a major, danger zone on your hands!

But there’s no need to don hard hats and cordon off the bathroom with yellow tape just yet. There are a few things you can do to make your bathroom a safe and fall-free oasis.

Since most bathroom injuries involve the tub in one way or another, one of the most obvious things you can do is to install a shower door and tub enclosure to replace your existing bathtub. Your local Glass Doctor can certainly help with that. But there are also a few DIY safety options for you as well.

Lay out non-skid rugs or mats on the bathroom floor.

TIP: Rugs and floor mats can sometimes slip and slide. Make your rug non-slip with just a few steps. DIY Bath Mat

Make the bathtub non-slip.

TIP: Some bathtubs become slick as ice when wet. You have to make the tub surface non-slip. You have several options. It’s 100% your preference if you want to put down a no-slip bathtub mat, sticky adhesives or spray on coating.

Light the way.

TIP: Nighttime trips to the bathroom are another cause of bathroom injuries. Try a fun nightlight or DIY rope lighting under the cabinets to provide a light source that isn’t blinding in the middle of the night. Under Cabinet Lighting.

Whether you choose the shower door and tub enclosure option or a DIY option, make sure your bathroom is safe and fall-free. Make it your oasis.