Fact or Fiction: Shower Doors Are Impossible to Keep Clean


How is it that the place that keeps you clean, seems to never stay clean? We did a little digging, and found some great tips on scrubbing at this site! While it may seem to be difficult, with these two tips, you will be able to keep your shower doors sparkling.


1. Paper Towels and Vinegar Method

If you always seem to have spots on your shower door, here’s how to get rid of them. Soak a few paper towels in distilled white vinegar, then lay them over the splotches in a single layer. Let the paper towels sit for 15 minutes. Once the time is up, remove them, rinse the area and wipe dry. Because the spots are caused by mineral build up form hard water, they can be prevented by simply wiping down the doors after you shower.

2. Lemon and Salt Method

Didn’t do the trick? Another way to clean your shower glass doors, is to use salt and lemon (or grapefruit!) This takes a bit more elbow grease, but can still get the job done! Just cut the lemon in half, dip one half in salt and scrub away! The abrasives of the salt and the acidity of the lemon eats away the soap scum and mineral build up, keeping your shower doors shining. Then, if you add some lemon juice to the shower doors after cleaning, it can keep them spotless for longer, helping you get the most out of your cleaning time!

While keeping bathrooms clean seem to be a daily chore, having a clean shower door can add that extra bit of shine to make the place look sparkling. Happy cleaning! Want a completely new look? Contact Glass Doctor today for brand new shower doors!

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