A Look in the Mirror: Tips for Self Improvement

To honor Self Improvement Month and what it stands for, take a good look in the mirror. You’re searching for qualities you want to improve – not necessarily physically, but regarding the way you treat others. At Dwyer Group, one element in our Code of Values is Respect. Perhaps your self help focus this month can be on remembering to treat others with the same respect you want others to treat you with.

The funny thing about living by this golden rule is that even while you’re being kind and respectful of others, you’ll feel a heightened ability to love and respect yourself and know that you’re a good person. This leads to a healthy self satisfaction and makes life more rewarding.

Here are seven simple self help tips to focus on during Self Improvement Month and beyond.

Be Empathetic

Sympathy and empathy aren’t the same thing. Being sympathetic is nothing more than feeling sorry for someone – perhaps even deep down feeling grateful you’re not in the same situation. Being empathetic is imagining yourself in the other person’s shoes and really trying to understand what they’re going through. This gives you the ability to feel their pain and mourn with them rather than for them. Strive for empathy, not just sympathy, when you listen to other people’s struggles this month.

Be Compassionate

Once you realize what someone else is going through, don’t brush them off. Instead, practice compassion. This may be as simple as providing a shoulder to cry on, but a small action such as bringing the troubled person dinner can make a huge difference in that person’s life.

Listen to Others

Nothing shows a lack of respect for someone like interrupting them mid-sentence. We all want to be heard, so make the courteous decision to be a good listener instead of chomping at the bit for your turn to talk. You’d be surprised what you can learn about others when you just listen.

Be Friendly

When in doubt, just be friendly! Say hello to strangers you pass on the street, regularly offer compliments to your friends, and just try to make others around you feel good.

Be Helpful

Words are powerful, but actions speak even louder. In a society where people tend to worry about their own problems and leave others to deal with theirs, selfishness abounds. Don’t be blind to the needs of others around you. Look for opportunities to help without being asked, whether that’s lending a hand with the dishes, walking an elderly person across the street, or helping someone pick up the books they dropped.

Look for Commonalities

With differences in race, age, gender, economic status, religion and more, it’s easy to pick out what’s different between you and your neighbor. However, instead of focusing on the differences, which leads to prejudice, focus on your similarities. The ability to relate to someone makes it easier to respect and love them.

Stop Criticizing

When someone makes the “wrong” choice, it’s easy to become critical and gossip about that person. Odds are you don’t know the whole story behind the decision, and even if you do, that person has the right to make their own choices. Hold back criticisms and strive not to gossip about people behind their backs. If you have a problem with their behavior, approach them one-on-one to discuss the issue and come to an understanding.

If you make it a habit to live by these golden rules, you’ll feel no shame looking in the mirror. To ensure you have a clear, view in the mirror or other glass surface, reach out to the experts at Glass Doctor for all your glass needs.