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Bismarck, ND

Shower Door Installation

A beautiful glass shower will turn an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious showplace. It not only will make you feel pampered every time you enter the bathroom, but will significantly increase your home's value when it comes time to sell.

Glass Doctor® of Bismarck, ND offers everything from frameless shower doors to ornate, custom-designed, glass enclosures. Our team of experts will help you find the design and the style that's just right for your taste, your budget and your lifestyle. We'll guide you through the entire process from picking out a glass shower door or tub enclosure to shower door installation.

Things to consider when choosing a glass enclosure

Knowledge is essential when it comes to picking out a new glass shower or tub enclosure. Before you make your final decision, our glass experts suggest you consider:

  • Where to put the shower glass. Things like whether your walls are tiled or made of drywall, and where the wall studs are located will help us determine the best place to put your shower. Remember that glass shower doors are heavy and need more support than a rod and curtain.
  • Your shower head. Where the shower heads are located and how they spray will also determine the size and style of your shower or tub enclosure. After all, you don't want the water spraying on the bathroom floor.
  • Measurements. To avoid inaccurate measurements and delays in the installation process, schedule an appointment with our team for an expert measurement. Our glass experts will then be able to give you a correct cost for materials and installation.
  • Ventilation. Any bathroom needs good ventilation to prevent the moisture from the shower from accumulating, causing mold, mildew and even peeling paint. Our team will also help you determine if you have adequate ventilation in your shower enclosure. We install glass steam room kits to help improve your ventilation, if necessary.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

To help you get ideas for your new shower, we invite you to visit our Shower Idea Center. It provides a wealth of resources to help jump-start your project.

To learn more about installing beautiful and durable glass shower doors or tub enclosures in your home, call Glass Doctor of Bismarck, ND for a free, in-home consultation.