Emergency Commercial Glass Repair

Developing effective methods that limit the cost and interruption caused by a business emergency isn’t easy. However, Glass Doctor® of Bismarck, ND understands that strong vendor partnerships are necessary to succeed in today’s fast-paced marketplace. We deliver actionable solutions for controlling the expenses associated with commercial glass repair, so you are able to keep your business up and running, without major loss of revenue.

Innovative Programs

Our Advanced Measurement system is designed to reduce, and often eliminate, the time involved in the glass replacement ordering process. Our experts conduct an onsite evaluation, creating a detailed diagram of all the glass units located at your property. The catalog entries include glass specifics such as size and placement, we will note any impact-resistant and specialty glass items. When your business requires commercial glass repair, we immediately cross-reference your diagram with our stocked inventory. If the item is available, our specialists bring it along and conduct an immediate, complete repair. Advanced options also allow you to pre-order frequently damaged glass for your business. By removing the requisite wait time involved in ordering replacement glass after it’s damaged, our In-stock program eliminates the cumbersome board-up process, improving the safety of your business.

Our Commercial Care program develops a vendor partnership that simplifies your maintenance tasks and reduces expenditures. We provide professional account set-up and nation-wide service, making it easy to track, allocate, and direct work orders from a centralized access point while viewing transactions in real-time.

Additional commercial glass repair solutions include:

  • Priority emergency service - our experts are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and account holders receive priority status during natural disasters.
  • Discounted service rates: Enjoy lower repair and replacement costs.
  • Reduced operational costs: Our specialists are able to suggest commercial glass replacements that will lower your energy usage and prevent ultra-violet (UV) light damage to your furnishings and products. They are also able to deliver professional guidance for remodeling plans that improve the function and appearance of your business. Our proactive business programs reduce the frustrations and costs of commercial glass repair.

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