Clear Choice Protectant

Your glass surfaces enhance your decor with beautiful decorative and functional accents throughout your home. To help your beautiful surfaces retain the look you love, Glass Doctor® of Bismarck, ND recommends Clear Choice™ Glass protectant. Clear Choice is a glass treatment that protects shower doors, tub enclosures, mirrors, granite, porcelain and other silica-based surfaces. It's also a welcome addition to any kitchen routine. It enhances the functionality of kitchen countertops, windows sinks and other decorative surfaces.

A single Clear Choice application reduces your workload. It enhances and protects your surfaces from the harmful effects of hard water deposits, soap scum and other contaminants. Cleaning is easier, so you spend less time scrubbing and keeping your smooth surfaces beautiful.

Protect Your Investment

Glass, granite, porcelain and other silica-based surfaces are elegant, beautiful and sometimes costly additions, inside and outside your home. Unfortunately, hard water stains and other contaminants make them high maintenance as well. When applied professionally, a single application of Clear Choice adds a layer of protection that minimizes maintenance and keeps your surfaces beautiful. Our patented product leaves glass surfaces scratch, stain and water resistant. It provides a shield of protection against common household contaminants for up to five years.

Benefits of Clear Choice Protectant

Clear Choice has protective benefits for surfaces inside and outside your home. Our glass protectant with a welcome list of valuable benefits for homeowners with too many maintenance tasks and not enough time.

  • Reduces need for frequent cleaning and scrubbing
  • Reduces mold and bacteria growth
  • Enhances stain and scratch resistance
  • Prevents hard water etching, mineral deposits and environmental pollutants from damaging your surfaces
  • Adds gloss and beauty
  • Environmentally friendly formula

Schedule a Consultation

The Glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Bismarck, ND are pleased to visit your home to demonstrate all the ways Clear Choice glass treatment can protect your indoor and outdoor surfaces. Call us at 701-354-4326 to schedule a free in-home consultation or for more information.