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Bismarck, ND

Auto Glass Care

Prompt auto glass repair is essential when your windshield or other auto glass has been damaged.

Importance of Windshields

Should your windshield experience any type of break, it is vital that you have it repaired quickly. This part of your vehicle is a key component to the structural integrity when an accident occurs. It is responsible for just under half of the integrity during a head-on impact and 60% should it roll over during a collision. Glass Doctor® of Bismarck, ND will treat minor breakage in approximately one hour. Fortunately, the majority of vehicle insurance policies cover these services, so you have no out-of-pocket expenses. The specialists can also process the required paperwork.

The auto glass repair experts are trained to work with all makes and models on the road today. These professionals are trained to industry standards regarding auto glass installation and repair, including adherence to care for the technological sensors, antennas and gauges that are common today. Additionally, the adhesives used comply with modern standards. When a replacement is required, the auto glass repair specialists at the Glass Doctor of Bismarck, ND will restore lost integrity with the ideal replacements that provide the clarity you expect.

Auto Glass Replacement

While laminate was used in the past to cover glass used in windshields, this was problematic. During accidents, it could splinter and shard, increasing the potential for injury. Today, tempered glass is used instead. When broken, the pieces form chunks that are far safer. Glass Doctor of Bismarck, ND will replace your broken tempered glass so you can get your vehicle safely on the road again.

This type of glass is not only used for front windshields, but back ones as well. Additionally, the passenger windows, sunroof and other automotive glass panes. Our specialists will consult with you regarding your cracked or broken panes and provide a detailed estimate of what repair or replacement costs will be. By working with the majority of vehicle insurance providers, we will assist you with each step of the process to ensure your repairs are completed and covered as quickly as possible.

Auto Glass Protection

Though each of our replacement windshields includes a G12® Windshield Road Hazard Guarantee, Glass Doctor of Bismarck has an additional plan available should you choose. The G12 Value Package covers services for the following year that protect you if the glass is harmed. Not only are new wipers included, but so are charges related to labor. Additionally, we offer protection through Clear Choice.

This treatment increases your ability to see during inclement weather, providing you an added layer of safety for you and your passengers. With one application, your windshield is more resistant to a variety of environmental concerns, including pollutants and minerals. Less staining and scratch resistance are additional benefits of this application.

For auto glass repair and replacement, contact the specialists at Glass Doctor of Bismarck. Schedule an appointment online to experience excellent craftsmanship and customer service.