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Bismarck, ND

Advance Measurement System

The only sure thing about an emergency involving broken glass is that one will happen sooner or later, and it’s likely to occur at the worst possible time. Glass Doctor® of Bismarck, ND will ensure your business is prepared for glass damage with our Advance Measurement system. Enrolling will ensure your business remains safe and reopens quickly with as little interruption as possible.

How We Help Your Business Prepare

Our specialists will report to your facility and record the following information for your business recovery plan:

  • Measure the glass in all your products
  • Record these measurements, including the type of glass needed, and any safety glass requirements
  • Create a diagram of your facility, with each pane location numbered
  • Leave a copy with you so you’ll be able to quickly access it in case of an emergency
  • Set up your credit and contact information if you’d like, so the replacement process will proceed as quickly as possible

Faster Emergency Repairs

No matter when your glass breaks, day, night or on the weekend, call us! Simply check your diagram to report the number that corresponds to the pane you need. We’ll check our inventory to see if it’s in stock. If so, we’ll replace it immediately with no need for a board-up. This saves valuable time, as well as money since just one visit, will be required.

In-Stock Options

We’ll pre-order your glass and keep it in stock if you have panes that break frequently. This guarantees we have what we need on hand to replace your glass immediately without having to order your panes and wait for them to arrive.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

Savings: If we have your glass in stock, we’ll complete the installation in just one trip.

Appearance: The damaged area won’t have to be boarded up if we have your glass on hand.

Reduced Liability: We’ll sweep up any broken glass and debris and quickly complete the board-up or replacement. Your employees and customers won’t be at risk of injury.

Uninterrupted operations: We’ll help your business stay open, ensuring you don’t lose customers.

Speed and Ease: With your contact and credit information on hand, we’ll have what we need to process your information quickly.

To set up your business recovery plan with our Advance Measurement system, contact Glass Doctor of Bismarck, ND today. We’ll make sure our specialists are ready and have what they need to fix your panes!