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Windshield Repair and Replacement

Windshield damage is more than just annoying; it can be dangerous and costly if allowed to fester. Glass Doctor® of Billings is able to repair most chipped windshields as long as the chip hasn't started to spread and splinter. However, large cracks and deep chips generally mean that a windshield replacement is needed to keep you safe and your car from further damage.

windsheild repair

When deciding whether to repair or replace your windshield, Glass Doctor of Billings looks at several factors: damage size, location and age.

  • Size of the crack or chip: You'll usually need a new windshield if you have a chip larger than 3/8 inch or damage that's more than three inches long.
  • Location of the damage: Your windshield will likely need to be replaced when you have chips or cracks that have spread in a spider web pattern. In addition, chips or cracks located in the driver's primary sight line will usually mean a new windshield, as a repair in this critical area can distort the driver's vision.
  • Age of damage: You're more likely to need a new windshield if you've delayed having a chip repaired, as it is more likely to have deepened or spread.

At Glass Doctor of Billings, we work with all major insurance companies and are happy to file the necessary paperwork for you. We do recommend, however, that you contact your agent to verify coverage before we begin repair or replacement service.

Windshield Repair

Our specialists always consider repair service for every windshield because of the overall customer experience it delivers. Our mobile team can meet auto owners at a location that is convenient for them, such as their home or business. Plus, repair service usually takes less than an hour to complete, so your day will not be disrupted.

To encourage the less expensive repair versus replacement, some insurance companies will waive the deductible on a windshield repair. So often, windshield repair is far more economical than having the entire windshield replaced. Also, windshield repair service ensures less waste. The nature of windshields do not allow for them to be easily recycled, so repair keeps the panes out of the junkyard.

To repair your windshield, our specialists will make sure that the impacted area is free from any debris. Then, we will inject a special resin into the damaged area, completely stopping the damage from spreading and restoring your windshield function. After injection, the resin is cured and polished to a clear finish.

Windshield Replacement

Replacing your windshield in a timely manner is vital to your family's safety. Approximately 60% of a vehicle's structural integrity in the event of a rollover accident comes from the windshield, according to the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC). Glass Doctor of Billings makes sure that your vehicle is safe by performing a series of steps before letting you drive away with your new windshield.

  • We carefully remove your old windshield to avoid damaging the paint and bonding surface, something that can lead to leaks and corrosion.
  • We select a new windshield that matches the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality.
  • We apply only AGSC-approved adhesives during the windshield replacement.
  • The adhesive cures for one hour before we send the car off our lot.

You don't have to worry about your new windshield failing when you work with Glass Doctor of Billings. We offer a G12® Road Hazard Guarantee with every new windshield we install, virtually increasing the value of your installation service for free. This means that we'll repair your windshield for if it is damaged within 12 months of our installation at no charge. In the rare instance that the windshield is damaged beyond repair, we'll supply one new windshield free of charge, not including installation and labor.

Don’t let a crack in your windshield threaten the safety of your family. Contact Glass Doctor of Billings today for your onsite consultation.