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Custom Mirrors

Glass Doctor® of Billings, MT specializes in creating custom mirrors that can help highlight works of art and add light to any room for a more spacious feel. Our services and expert craftsmanship will allow you to enjoy the many benefits of custom mirrors all for an incredible value.

Complement Artwork

Showcase your favorite piece of art by incorporating a custom mirror into a larger display. Get creative and turn a painting or photograph into the focal point of the room. Our experts will help you choose the right design, tint and edging details to achieve a specific effect.

Increase Light and Add Depth

Dark rooms can instantly be brightened with the addition of a smartly placed mirror that will amplify both natural and artificial light. Don't worry about adding more lamps; simply make the most of the light that already enters the room by installing a reflective mirror.

In addition, a mirror will give the illusion of more space and add depth to cramped spaces. You might not be able to afford to expand your home, but you can create a more spacious aesthetic for a much more affordable price. Not only is a mirror a beautiful piece of home decor, it can also change the entire feel of a room.


Spruce up your bedroom with custom mirrors cut and installed by our trained specialists. Think beyond simple vanity mirrors that help you make sure your tie is on straight and discover the many ways a mirror can change the look and feel of your bedroom. Choose from:

  • Dressing mirrors
  • Full length mirrors
  • Vanity mirrors
  • Closet door mirrors

Glass Doctor of Billings is also a great source for design tips. Consider placing mirrors behind lamps to increase light or using a mirror as a headboard. We can help solve any decorative problem with creative glass solutions.


Turn your dreary bathroom into a bright and airy oasis with custom mirrors that have been specially designed for your space. Don't settle for standard options when you can create a unique look that shows off your style and your bathroom. In no time at all, a boring bathroom can be transformed. Be sure to ask about:

  • Hanging vanity mirrors
  • Standard and custom bathroom mirrors


Adding a custom mirror can instantly create a sense of space and give you a place to take one more glance before you head out the door. Narrow entryways and hallways are the perfect places to install a mirror for better lighting and more depth. No matter what the dimensions of your space, we can work with you to design a custom option.


While most people might not associate the kitchen with mirrors, any room in your home can benefit from the addition of a strategically placed mirror. Many customers have installed mirror backsplashes and other decorative mirrors in order to enhance the room and create a warmer and more dynamic space.

Living Rooms

Give your living room a makeover with the addition of a custom designed mirror. Both statement mirrors and vanity mirrors will help brighten the room and make it feel more inviting. Show off your favorite possessions in mirrored display cases or install a mirror above the fireplace to really open up the space. The possibilities are limitless and our experts are more than happy to sit down and discuss your options.

No matter where you want to add custom mirrors in your home, Glass Doctor can design, cut and install a mirror according to your specifications. From antique style glass to special tinting and beveled edge designs, we offer a wide variety of custom details to create a truly unique product for you. Call today to schedule a consultation and spend time working with one of our experts to design the perfect mirror for your home. Don't wait any longer to experience the difference a beautiful mirror can make.