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G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

Relying upon Glass Doctor® of Bemidji for windshield replacement services guarantees you'll get quality work. Our specialists meet standards that are laid out by the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC). This means that you can be assured a new windshield will keep you safe and comfortable when you're driving. In addition, we offer a windshield replacement guarantee plan to suit your needs and help you to feel confident in our service.

G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

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Every customer of Glass Doctor of Bemidji who has a windshield replacement performed on his or her vehicle enjoys this coverage plan. This provides coverage on any additional repairs needed and any single replacement performed up to 12 months after an initial installation job. Although the G12 plan will provide coverage for any expenses on glass needed in repair or replacement work, it does not include coverage for expenses resulting from the need for labor or materials.

Glass Doctor of Bemidji always performs repairs rather than replacements when possible so that our customers get the most out of the services and guarantee plans we provide.

G12 Future Installation

In addition to our basic G12 plan, our customers can enjoy coverage on labor and installation materials by purchasing the second tier windshield replacement guarantee we offer. With this plan, all the costs of repairs and one replacement will be covered for 12 months after initial repair services.

The Value Package

With the G12 Value Package, our customers enjoy service that includes that installation of new windshield wiper blades when we replace a windshield. Also, the Value Package offers Clear Choice™ glass protectant. This protects a vehicle windshield from scratches and other damaged that could possible be caused by the environment or driving conditions. With Clear Choice protectant, the visibility that your vehicle offers can be maintained and optimized.

Details of Coverage

Every package offered by Glass Doctor of Bemidji provides coverage for 12 months. These packages will only cover repair and replacement needs that arise due to road hazards that come up during normal driving situations. If damage occurs because of an accident or vandalism, coverage might not be included in the plan a customer enjoys or has purchased. Furthermore, some vehicles may be exempt from coverage. Coverage is not offered on larger vehicles like buses, some heavy-duty trucks and Class A motor coaches. Those requesting coverage under one of these plans must file a claim at the location where their initial installation was carried out.

If you want to be sure that your windshield replacement job will provide a long-lasting solution to windshield damage, take advantage of services offered by Glass Doctor of Bemidji. Our specialists are able to offer the highest quality work thanks to our company's extensive experience in this industry. You don't have to pay a cent for our G12 Road Hazard plan. Furthermore, you have the option of purchasing additional coverage according to your needs and concerns.

If have questions regarding a particular windshield replacement guarantee we offer, let us know. You can contact us for information and we'll get back to you quickly with answers to your questions and inquiries.

Some exclusions may apply.